Victorian Aero State Champs 2018


The RS Aero Victorian State Championships were held on 21-22 April 2018 at Black Rock Yacht Club with twenty one entries. Six races were sailed over the two days in light conditions.

The sailor ages ranged from 15 years old to 74 with four 9 rigs, four 5 rigs and thirteen 7 rigs.

The wind was very light between 4-8 knots for most of the racing. The wind started more from the north and swung to the south during racing. Two races were completed in near drifting conditions, but overall the breeze was definitely raceable and fair.


Greg Kelly in an Aero 7 sailed an amazingly consistent series, discarding a 2nd place for a perfect score. Second was Rhett Gowans who with minimal time in the boat was always near the front. Third was Chris Brain who was the only boat other than Greg to win a race.

Greg was a step faster and smarter all around the course. In one race, Greg made a rare mistake and overshot the pin at the start and had to re-round. He noticed that the fleet were headed on starboard, so he went on the lifted tack for a few minutes, tacked and was quickly back at the very front of the fleet. Smart and fast is a tough combination to beat.

For me, the regatta was mixed and I'll write a separate post about what I learned -- which was plenty.

Full results and write up courtesy of Richard Furneaux at: Sail World.



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