Royal Brighton Yacht Club


This is my sailing favorite place: Melbourne, Royal Brighton Yacht Club, and that is my Aero in front.

I've not launched from sandy beaches much before and I'm learning new tricks to keep the sand out of the boat. At least the Aero is really easy to pull over the sand (no, you don't want to do that).

So much to like

RBYC has so much going for it:

  • A focussed commitment to small boat sailing
  • Good safe boat storage
  • Short sail to open water with great waves
  • Well equipped gym
  • Restaurant open to the public
  • Coffee
  • On location physio and pilates: K2 Health
  • A quite place to work
  • Close to my home

Boats Sailing Every Day

But most of all, there are keen dinghy sailors going out sailing every day. The olympic development 49er squad trains daily and there are always boats rigging and sailing. There is bunch of 420s, Lasers, Waspzs, Optis and now an Aero.

A few years ago, I hear the club was aging and atrophying. The club had a slipway in front and the yard was full of partially repaired keelboats. Now, after $2.5m invested, the slipway is gone, the clubhouse is renovated, the boat yard is open and full of dinghies. An amazing transformation. The restaurant is open to the public and everyone, members and non-members can enjoy the atmosphere.

Post Sailing Drink

After sailing, I enjoy a chilled OJ and watch the sunset. Whats not to like about sailing at RBYC in my Aero.



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