RS Aero 2016 US Nationals


This year we return to the Gorge in Oregon for the RS Aero 2016 National Championships.

This will be a fantastic 5 days of Aero sailing comprised of a pre-regatta clinic, long distance race, Dynamic Dollies speed challenge, then two day championship regatta ... it promises to be an awesome event.

The schedule is:

  • Aug 10-11 RS Aero Pre-Regatta Clinic
  • Aug 12 RS Aero Long Distance Race
  • Aug 12 Dynamic Dollies Aero Speed Challenge
  • Aug 13-14 RS Aero US National Championship

So register now and make this a memorable summer.

The Gorge


The Gorge is one of the best places to sail in the world. If you've never been to the Gorge, you must do it sometime. So make it this year for the Aero festivities.

Why is the Gorge Special?

What makes the Gorge unique is the combination of:

  • Great wind, good waves
  • Warm fresh water
  • Safe location
  • and a current that flows upwind

The upwind legs are shorter and the exciting downwind and reaching legs are longer. This year, we'll adding even more reaching legs so your Aero can plane back and forth across the river.

The Gorge has a reputation for strong winds, but most often they are in the 12-22 knots range. The area where we sail at Cascade Locks has small to medium chop that is very managable. It is a great place to sail in stronger breeze.

Watch a short clip about the Gorge:

Aero Clinic


The first event is a two day pre-regatta Aero clinic coached by Peter Barton.

Peter is the RS Aero class manager and a great all round dinghy sailor. He is 11 times a UK National Champion in 7 different classes from the RS Aero to 18' skiffs. This June Peter was crowned the RS Aero 9 UK National Champion and was second in the RS Aero 7 UK Nationals fleet last year.

Peter will take us through on the water drills, short course races and on shore discussion. The goal is to take your Aero sailing to the next level.

Long Distance Race

Ever wanted to do the famed Gorge Blowout, a white knuckle, 18-mile downwinder from Cascade Locks to Hood River. Well this year, we're organizing a mini-blowout long distance race to from Cascade Locks to Home Valley.

Here is the aproximate course:


If you want to get some long, fast reaches and nice waves, this is the ticket. The race will start on Fridday at 12:00 and finish downwind at Home Valley. It should take the leaders about 60 minutes to finish. After that, take your time coming back upwind for the speed challenge at 3:00 pm.

The scoring with be using the Porthsmouth Yardstick so all the rigs can race together using a handicap. So even if you have a 5 rig, you can still win this event.

Dynamic Dollies Speed Challenge

After the long distance race, we're staging the Dynamic Dollies Speed Challenge. This is a short, fun test to set the fastest speed, measured on a speed puck. Sailors rotate through 3 test boats reaching back and forth across the river to set their best speed in 10 minutes while everyone else can watch from the beach in a perfect stadium setting.

We're pleased to announce that Dynamic Dollies, makers of the awesome Dynamic Dolly Aero Trolly are sponsoring the Aero speed challenge. Thank you very much for your support. (When will the UK tune in to how great these dollies are?)


Here is last years winner, Sean Grealish.

The Main Event — RS Aero US Nationals

The regatta will be a two day regatta and we're expecting 30+ boats with sailors of all ability levels.

We will set courses that maximize reaching legs to expect some fun with the famed Z-course:


Charter Boats

There will be plenty of charter boats. West coast sailing will be providing eight and RS will be providing another 8 via the mega-trailer from the east cost. Contact West Coast Sailing for details.


See the CGRA Visitor Information for more details.


Register online CGRA at:

The Notice of Race has more details.

Still not convinced?

Read what Tillerman says about the Gorge and last years event at the Gorge.

and his other tales:


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