SpeedPuck Mount


Here is my mount for the Velocitek SpeedPuck. I'm using the standard central Aero mount for a TackTick compass, so I needed an alternative for the SpeedPuck.

Ashore, I wanted to be able to quickly mount and dismount the SpeedPuck. Afloat, I needed to be able to see the SpeedPuck out of the corner of my eye when sailing upwind.

This post shows a low cost and effective mount you can make yourself using a strip of aluminum.

Make It

This mount is trivial to make. I used a thin strip of aluminum and bent it on the boat itself. The ends of the aluminum strip bend back under the gunwale and lock into place.

I use a retaining line from the compass back around the mast to lock the mount into the boat. The shape of the boat holds the mount in place against the retaining line. Very secure.

Cost: less than a dollar.


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