New Speed Record - 16.2 Knots


Finally someone has broken 16 knots. Sean Grealish sailing at the Gorge has posted a time of 16.2 Knots.

Previously, Erwan Kerebel clocked 13.5 Knots, Rich Watsham achieved 14.5 Knots, Michiel Geerling did 14.6 Knots and Paul now holds the record with 15.0 Knots. Can anyone crack 16 Knots?

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Here are the current best efforts (ordered).

Sean Grealish 16.2 Knots

sean I had been doing the 29er North Americans in cascade locks last sunday, and decided to take the 7 rig out for a spin after racing was finished to see how the venue would be for North Americans. The wind speed was averaging about 22-23 knots with gusts of 25-27, and the water was relatively flat with only mild chop. Unfortunately I do not have a photo, as you can see in the picture, the tracker cuts out suddenly, this is because I stuffed into a wave and my speed puck reset itself.

Top speed: 16.2 knots. 15.7 knots is the 10 sec average.

Paul 15.0 Knots


Paul's comments: "It was a quiet day racing on Wimbleball lake last Sunday when a large squall came through between races. I was with a 7 rig, took off in the squall and then caught a gust inside the squall and the boat kept on going faster. I would guess 25-30 knots wind with the water fairly flat but rapidly developing lumps. As can be seen from the average speed the rest of the day was something of an anticlimax."

Michiel Geerling 14.6 Knots


In an Aero 7, Michiel did 14.6 Knots at the Western Solent in a 17-21 kt breeze in choppy water. Recorded with a Garmin Foretrex 401.

Peter Wrote: "Michiel Geerling, RS International Rep, was visiting from Holland and I had arranged for him to join the Lymington Sunday club race in an RS Aero. Sadly with the wind being up and some worsening wind against tide sea state the race was cancelled. We fancied a blast so we went anyway with 7 rigs - and I wanted to practice through a challenging wind against current chop ready for the North American Champs at The Gorge next month!"

Rich Watsham 14.5 Knots


Rich wrote: "I have been sailing with a Sony AS30V action cam for a while, the bonus feature of this bit of kit is that it also records GPS speed. For some reason I can only get it to give my speed in km/h (I used google to convert to kts). Attached is a screen shot of the video I took on the way out to the start on the saturday. I only managed to get about an hour of footage before I ran out of juice, next time I will remember to fully charge the battery! I think many aeros on the day would have broken the 15 kts barrier, I only managed to get 14.5 kts (26.9 km/h) recorded before the camera died."

Eric Aker 14.1 Knots


No selfie with cheesy grin and GPS reading, but report and screenshot instead;

Derek Stow comments; "Eric Aker and I were out sailing our Aeros with 7 rigs on Lake Massapoag near Boston (USA) 20th May on relatively flat water in a gusty, shifty north-westerly after a cold front went through. Eric had a GPS device on his boat and recorded a maximum speed over 10 seconds of 14.1 knots. Maximum speed over one second was 15.0 knots. Any points in red are 13.0 knots or greater.

The recording device was a Garmin eTrex 10 set to record a track point every second. According to the NOAA 3-day weather history at Norwood Airport (5 miles away) the wind was 17 mph, gusting to 30 mph, at 3:53 PM.

Screenshot authenticating the maximum speed of 15.0 knots over 1 second."

Erwan Kerebel 13.5 Knots


Erwan said: "I am in the Chicago Area. Looking forward to seeing more Aeros out here. In the meantime, I am having fun and clocked 13.5kt this morning. 17-20Kt wind, 2-3 ft waves."

Peter Barton and Katie 12.5 Knots


"I finally remembered my GPS today. Katie and I were 2up and whilst we only managed a mediocre 12.5kn we would like to lay (current) claim to the RS Aero 2up World Speed Record! We had to visit the Lymington Sea Water Baths first to play on the inflatables as it closed a 5pm and unfortunately the breeze dropped off during that time."

  • Max Speed: 12.5kn
  • Rig: RS Aero 7.
  • Location: Lymington River
  • Wind: 17kn average, gusting 20kn at Lymington platform
  • Sea State: Small chop, negligible tide
  • GPS: Garmin Foretrex 401

Even with my 26kg skipper onboard we were still lighter than other similar sized dinghies!

Michael O'Brien 12.4 Knots


Here is my first attempt. Today was 22 knots at Shilshole Seattle. Wind from the south with a short, steep chop. Slight flood tide across the course. Doug Stumberger (#1249) and I did a few broad reaches and I clocked: 12.4 Knots.