Taking Delivery of Aero #1250


After a long wait that was exacerbated by the port strike, I finally had my hands on a brand new RS Aero #1250.

A quick trip down to West Coast Sailing at Portland where George Yioulos and the always helpful staff went above and beyond to get me in my boat. George even delayed his vacation to squeeze in the extra work to prep my boat for delivery. Way to go George! I felt more than a little guilty — but my smile soon erased those feelings.

Smooth Sailing

The trip back was very smooth, despite my constant worry about transporting a new baby at high speeds on the freeway. I forgot to mention that I also traded my old Laser and so it was two boats making the trip back to Seattle.

How to transport a Laser and an Aero boats ... piggy-back. The Laser being the work-horse is right side up on the Kitty Hawk trailer. The Aero, being half the weight of the Laser is upside down with some foam blocks to separate.

Interesting comparing the shapes and dimensions:

The Aero is about 8" shorter than the Laser. It is fractionally deeper (freeboard). But the big difference is the underwater shape. The Aero has hard chines, fine bow, and very flat aft sections. It will be interesting to see how the Aero compares in various wind and sea states.

The name of #1250 — Feats of Strength II. You guessed it, the Laser is Feats of Strength I.


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